"As an artist that includes writing as an integral component to my practice, I am deeply grateful and totally indebted to Janelle’s skill as an editor and reader. I have worked with Janelle over the past few years across numerous and diverse circumstances: an essay for a major online arts publication, exhibition reviews, grant essays, artist statements and bios, poetic and experimental writings, text-heavy art works, and more. Regardless of the circumstance, Janelle offers feedback at the micro and macro levels including advice on grammar and structure as well feedback on the bigger-picture messages and intentions of a piece. Janelle’s affect on my writing practice has been invaluable. Every visual artist needs to value the great powers of writing, tone, and language. For those—like me—that have little to no formal training with the craft of writing, having an editor and teacher in their corner is monumental. I’m thankful that I have Janelle to fulfill that position."  

-Erik Benjamins

"For Janelle, words are more than words--they are symbols of everything else.  Metaphor moving from the written to the visual and vise versa is crucial to my art practice as well.  She pushes me to use language more conceptually. We are both poets making pictures."

-Michele Wysocki